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A supplier of Grassland and Forage Irrigation Systems throughout the United States and Canada

K-Line Benefits


When a New Zealander was asked what he liked best about K-Line irrigation his response was ďitís simple, itís basic, thereís not much that can go wrong. The only moving parts are the pumps, the sprinkler heads, and the bloke on the bike, (guy on the ATV), moving the line.Ē


Click on the link below to see a video on how simple and

effective a K-Line system can be for you! 

Introductory Video.wmv



       Shifting of the K-Line system is quick

      and efficient, by shifting while the

      sprinklers are still operating, little moving

      time is necessary. Using an ATV, a 500

      foot line of sprinklers can be easily

      repositioned in 3 or 4 minutes, nearly

      anybody can do it! Shifting is commonly

      done once a day at a convenient time

      for the operator. 





      K-Lines many options include sprinklers that

      offer uniform water delivery, even in very hilly

      terrain. Pressure compensated sprinklers result

      in good uniformity, even with hills or longer

      lateral lines.






       Livestock are not affected - in fact they

       like to graze around the operating sprinklers,

       (especially on hot days).




     K-Line irrigation is designed to fit the field (not the

    field altered to fit the irrigation system) K-Line can

    be designed around obstructions - resulting in large

    initial cost savings. Rotational graziers like the

    way K-Line adapts to their field layout.







    K-Line pods are very tough, one piece poly-

    ethylene units with an integral, durable

    weighted base and designed to protect

    internal sprinkler components. With

    K-line sprinklers, the water penetrates

    deep into the soil with little or no run-off,

    (like a soft rain), a slow absorption method,

    every precious gallon goes further.










       The heavy duty K-Line tubing is an integral

       part of the system and specially formulated to

       withstand temperature extremes and the

       exposure to UV while remaining flexible with

       the necessary lateral strength for shifting. 

       Special heavy duty fittings are designed

       to withstand the stress of line movement

       while the sprinklers are operating. The

       distinctive green lines indicate pipe size and

       assist in orienting the pipe during installation.


'K-Line Irrigation' is a registered trademark and the K-Line Irrigation system protected by

NZ PAT No 331985, AU PAT No 734210, US PAT No 6398131, US PAT No 6601775, ZA PAT No 2001/2856, CA Pat Appl No 2344281






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