G-Set Irrigation System

G-Set Pod Irrigation System

The K-Line G-Set Pod Irrigation system consists of a low maintenance solar rechargable battery powered controller that operates low power latch coils that in turn operate a 40mm valve. Two controllers are available, a set it and forget it independent controller, and a mesh controller that can be radio updated from a distance. Both controllers are fully programmable. The controllers are matched with a heavey duty resistant pod that is semi buried into the ground. The G-Set is a smarter alternative to other solid set irrigation systems. The system is capable of operating in many environments where terrain or field shape create issues for traditional irrigators. It can open up land once deemed waste land that can now be productive pasture. It can also work in conjunction with an existing pivot by irrigating the pivot corners.

The G-Set is available with either a full or part circle sprinkler to access those unique corners without a lot of unnecessary water waste.  

G-Set was designed taking into account the operating pressure of the system, durability in the field, and protecting expensive valve, control and sprinklers from stock damage.

The new smart controllers once programmed will continue to operate for months or until changes are required, and are a real labor saving device for farmers.

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