K-Line Fittings

K-Line Fittings

An assortment of heavy duty plastic fittings are available for coupling the tubing or connecting to valves, reducers, quick couplings, unions, and end rings. These fittings are made from a high grade glass reinforced nylon which makes them extremely durable and impact resistant.   The double barbed insert is designed with extra length for maximum grip on the inner wall of the tubing.  With the added strength from the threaded compression nut these fittings bite into the inner and outer wall of the tubing creating an incredible tubing connection that is every bit as tough and durable as every other component in the K-line system.

For easy identification: black nuts = 32mm and 45mm connection; blue nuts = 40mm and 50mm connection

Our galvanized hook cap provides a simple way to tow the system from set to set.

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