K-Line Irrigation Korner Karousel

K-Line Irrigation Korner Karousel.

The new K-Line Irrigation Corner Karousel gives you the ultimate flexibility to move your K-Line irrigation lines from paddock to paddock. The K-Line Karousel is also ideal for moving lines of pods in vegetables or orchards. The Karousel allows you to make a square corner with a long line of K-Line Irrigation pods. The Karousel is temporarily anchored to the ground with stakes at the end of a row. This pivot point is the equivalent of an idler pulley and allows the pods to move around the Karousel without the normal side slip at the end of the line of pods. The Karousels are typically used in pairs. You would normally move a line of pods out the end of a row (or out a gate) across the end, and back down an adjoining row. Click on the link below to see the Karousel in action. The Karousel is available in a 47" diameter Karousel for standard pods and a 70" diameter for mid pods.


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