K-line Irrigation's Kwik Shifter

K-line Irrigation's Kwik Shifter

The Kwik Shifter II is a device pulled behind an ATV or other small tow vehicle and is designed to catch the ends of K-Lines without the need to stop or dismount the towing vehicle.

Heavy duty, bright colored plastic balls, (marine balls), are attached with a short rope to the ends of the K-Lines. The Kwik Shifter II passes over the ball, catching it, and allowing the driver to shift the K-Line to the new position without stopping or dismounting. When the driver reaches the new shift position, he pulls the trip rope, releasing the ball and K-Line from the Kwik Shifter II. The entire shift move can be done without stopping or dismounting the ATV. Click on the link below to see the Kwik Shifter in action.



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