15 Mar

Irrigating Grass with a Pivot is Like Planting Wheat with a Corn Planter

Irrigating Grass with a Center Pivot is like Planting Wheat with a Corn Planter! You're using the wrong tool for the job. The right tool is K-Line Irrigation. Why? There are five major areas where K-Line Irrigation is superior for irrigating grass.

1. Compatibility with Grazing Systems

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19 Sep

This Tank is a Drag

               This 4 x 2 x 4 foot portable tank has made Nebraska cattleman Curt Morrow's

               rotational grazing system more feasible because all he needs to move it every

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20 Jul

Livestock Watering

Reprinted from the Stockman GrassFarmer

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The K-Line system is designed around a set of components chosen for their durability and ease of use under adverse conditions. Learn more...

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The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.

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