01 Sep

Grazier-friendly irrigation debuts in U.S.

By Joel McNair

Grass needs water, and an increasing number of graziers are showing interest in irrigation to provide at least a portion of it.

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01 Sep

Recently the Stockman GrassFarmer magazine asked John Nye…

What is the optimum number of pods per line to use on a portable irrigation pasture system?

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28 Jun

Introducing K-Line Irrigation’s New Pop-Up Sprinkler Assembly!

A constant problem for orchard growers is harvesting fruit and nut crops around permanent irrigation systems. K-Line Irrigation solves this problem with lines of sprinklers that can be easily moved out of the way during harvesting.

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09 May

System saves time, labor


Capital Press Staff Writer

An innovative irrigation system developed in New Zealand is catching hold with grassland and pasture irrigators on the West Coast.

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The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.

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