09 May

System saves time, labor


Capital Press Staff Writer

An innovative irrigation system developed in New Zealand is catching hold with grassland and pasture irrigators on the West Coast.

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05 Jan

K-Line Irrigation Announces a New Effluent Distribution System

K-Line Irrigation has developed new over size pods and polyethylene tubing to accommodate the growing effluent disposal and distribution market. The new pods are several times larger than normal pods and provide a stable base for the new extra large sprinklers and nozzles.

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29 Dec

Colorado Rancher Plans to Replace Center-Pivots with Line-Pod Irrigation

An ATV is used to move line-pod irrigators. The irrigators are not shut off but a clothespin is used to temporary stop the revolving irrigator while the lines are being moved to prevent the operator from getting a cold shower.

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11 Jul

New Irrigation System Catching On

By Tammy Mori,      (Reprinted from an article by “kima” news Channel 29 in  Yakima, Washington)

July 12, 2005

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The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.

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