Treatment system easy to install and operate

RICHARD BAUMERT was assisted in setting up a sprinkler vegetative  treatment system  on his West Point farm by Jason Gross, a University of Nebraska Extension engineer technician. Baumert’s system drain’s two hog platforms and cattle yards


WEST POINT – Richard Baumert’s more than century old family farm west of here will continue it’s livestock tradition – and be in compliance with Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality regulations to keep waters of the state clean.

He recently installed a unique multi species sprinkler vegetative treatment systems. 

“In my case, it is not the livestock numbers,” Baumert said. “It is how the place drains. I have two hog platforms and cattle yards. We usually feed out our own calves and buy more calves.”

Effluent in his sediment basin is pumped a short distance by a 9hp motor to a higher level and then spread through K-Line tubing and 16 pods.

 At first (the sprinkler vegetative treatment system) seemed complicated “he said,  “but it will be a very simple operation. The neat thing about it is the groundwork didn’t (even) take half a day.”

Baumert said a diversion was added to direct a good portion of the rainwater and melting snow in a direction around the feedlot instead of through the feedlot.

Reprinted from Norfolk Daily News Saturday, September 5, 2009