Testimonial - Jay Russ

Jay Russ
Rancher, Ferndale, California

Jay Russ “No better product for me.”

 Jay Russ raises cattle with Angus based genetics on his Ferndale, California ranch.  The core of Jay’s operation is finishing the animals for slaughter as grass finished product to be sold direct to consumers through Humboldt Grass Fed Beef.  This is done with a combination of perennial and annual ryegrass.

Jay has been irrigating in the past with aluminum hand lines.  This was much too labor intensive.  With the shortage of qualified labor in the area, Jay was having difficulty getting the irrigation moved.  Jay checked into side rolls, (wheel lines), as an option to replace the hand lines.  This was going to take as much time as moving the hand lines and would have higher maintenance costs than the hand lines.  Jay needed a solution that had the flexibility to adapt to the intensive grazing pattern he uses.  A solution that required little maintenance and was easy to use.  K-line is that solution.

Jay started his irrigation change-over in 2004 with 40 acres of K-line.  He has since added another 40 acres and is ready to install his next 120 acres of K-line for a total of 200 acres irrigated.  K-line is so adaptable it has made it possible for Jay to add a fertilizer injector to his operation.  By applying fertilizer with the irrigation system, it eliminates the expense of applying the fertilizer with a separate operation.

Jay Russ doubles his carrying capacity from 1 AUM/acre to 2 AUM/acre.  By adding the durable and simple K-line system to Jay’s operation it has allowed him to have a better way of life and meet his production goals.


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The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.

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