Testimonial - Woody Thames

Woody Thames
Agape Farms, Montalba, TX

Woody Thames, Agape Farms, “We doubled the carrying capacity compared to the previous owners.

Brian Russ (Ranch Manager), “Don’t need a $55/hr technician to repair or maintain the K-line, no grease fittings, no chains, no gearboxes … as simple as flood with the efficiency of sprinklers”

Woody Thames purchased a 200 acre ranch in Montalba, TX to raise forage finished lambs and provide a healthy grass finished beef product to the market.  His goal is to model the ranch off of the New Zealand standard.  A critical step in building the ranch would be an affordable reliable forage source.  The solution to this problem in east Texas is a reliable irrigation system.

Woody researched the available options and determined that there were 2 options for irrigating this ranch; a large gun irrigator, or K-line.  The large gun would be difficult to manage with the rolling terrain of the property and would not adapt very well to the grazing layout that he wanted to use.  The K-line system with the relatively low pressure requirement and the adaptability to the pasture design proved to be the right solution for Agape Farms.  This simple system fits perfectly into the efficient operation of this ranch.

Agape Farms is able to maintain 300 Dorper ewes and 100 Red Angus Cows on 155 acres of irrigated pasture.  This is done with a mix of warm season grasses inter-seeded with cool season perennial and annual ryegrass and various clover species.



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