K-Line Irrigation Systems have multiple uses including

   • Pasture, alfalfa and forage irrigation, • Effluent disposal • Sod farm Irrigation •  Vegetable and orchard irrigation • Land reclamation • Fire and dust control • Logging moisture control.

   • K-Line is also perfect for any situation where irrigation equipment must be totally removed for other activities like athletic fields • golf courses • polo fields • indoor and outdoor arena conditioning or dust control • and racetrack conditioning.

Managed Intensive Grazing Strategies

  • Accomodates to your fencing layout
  • Shut off individual cells to best manage the water supply
  • Move the system off the land for planting of annual crops
  • Use the system to apply liquid fertilizer blends
  • Rotational graziers find the system ideal for their watering patterns

Effluent Disposal

  • Slower application rates result in less run off and better absorption of nutrients in the soil

Athletic Fields

  • Easy to pull on and off the field
  • No sprinkler heads buried in ground eliminates the chance of tripping
  • Irrigated playing fields lead to softer, safer playing surfaces

Sod Farms

  • Can be used for individual sets for designated areas or as a solid set application to apply large amounts of water to the entire property
  • Easily moved off the field to harvest the sod
  • If used to water a sod installation, the system can be designed in sections that can easily be rolled up to move from one location to another

Hay Production

  • Quick and easy to move.
  • Efficient use of water.
  • Can be tailored to fit into any harvest rotation
  • Little to no soil compaction to create the optimal growing conditions in the soil
  • Easy to move out of the field for mowing cultivating, harvesting, or for winter storage.


  • K-Line can be moved through alternate rows of orchards


  • K-Line can be easily moved out of the way
  • Great for conditioning the track
  • Ideal solution for dust control

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