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The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.


K-Line Sprinkler Pods
The pods are manufactured with the u-bolt for the sprinkler saddle molded right into the bottom to aid in a quick easy installation. Simply slide the pods onto the pipe to your specific spacing as designed by your dealer, drill the pipe and attach the sprinkler saddle.  These pods will protect the important sprinkler components year after year.



K-Line Tubing
During installation, roll out the tubing to the appropriate length and install your pods  and sprinklers with the green lines of the tubing facing up. The sizes are easily identified by the bright green stripes imprinted the length of the pipe, 1 stripe for 32mm, two narrow stripes for the 40mm, 3 narrow stripes for 45mm, and 2 wide stripes for 50mm. The design of the tubing ensures no memory which eliminates any twisting or rolling of the tubing during installation or use.


K-Line Sprinkler Options
There are five reliable sprinkler packages currently offered for the K-Line system.  The first is the NAAN 5022 Impact sprinkler this sprinkler has a solid one piece body constructed of heavy duty plastics that provide resistance to impact and corrosion. This sprinkler has the option of 5 quick-release color coded nozzles with a variety of application rates to fit varying needs.  With operating pressures in the range of 35-55 psi and high uniformities this sprinkler is a perfect fit for the K-Line system.                                                                           

The second, third, and fourth options utilize the Nelson R2000WF WindFighter and Nelson R33 sprinklers. The Windfighter has a wide variety of nozzles and plates so that the application rates can be tailored to individual needs. Another excellent feature of the Windfighter is the option of a pressure regulator. This option greatly improves uniformity when K-line is used on hilly or undulating ground. The Nelson Windfighter has an operating range between 45-60 psi and provides another excellent choice for use in the K-line system. The Nelson R33 offers the same superb performance in a 3/4" option.                                                                                               

The fourth (below) is the Rain Bird LF (low flow) 2400 impact sprinkler. This Rain Bird sprinkler is one of the most robust sprinklers in it's class which translates to less breakage, less maintenance, and less out of pocket expense. This sprinkler  currently has the option of 3 color coded nozzles ranging from 2.35 gpm at 35 psi to 4.02 gpm at 45 psi.

All four sprinkler options install quickly into the K-line system using either a 32, 40, or 45mm tapping saddle.  After drilling the tubing in the desired location simply insert the tapping saddle over the u-bolt in the bottom of the pod, line up the saddle with the hole in the tubing, push down firmly to seat the o-ring, and tighten the two stainless steel nuts.


K-Line Compression Fittings

When installing fittings start with a straight cut on the K-Line tubing, drive the fitting on squarely, tighten hand tight and firm up with a pipe wrench.  



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The K-Line system is designed around a set of components chosen for their durability and ease of use under adverse conditions. Learn more...

K-Line Irrigation systems have multiple uses and applications

How to install a K-Line system.

The K-Line System is designed around a series of components selected for their extreme durability and ease of use.

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